Monday, January 5, 2009

Connection with Design

"The importance of having a sense of connection within the design community."

What is "a sense of connection," anyways? To me, it's a community that shares the same goal or love... to design. That is the importance of a connection. In this design community, it's a way to interact with others, help, critic, network, share ideas and appreciate design. This connection we share, this goal, allows us to understand each other and creates more ways to interact and express our thoughts or express the thoughts of others (in our jobs) through our designs.

Even sharing the same techniques or styles of design can help strengthen the connection between the members of the design community. However, it is also the difference between our different techniques, styles and even approaches to design that allows us to move forward in the design community. Even mimicking each other’s work and adding a new twist or innovative way to create the same thing creates a sense of connection to one another. Along with this connection also creates competition. Competing against each other also helps create a good rapport. What better way to understand one another than to compete with each other and push each other to better themselves and their designs. This is, to me, why it is important to have a sense of connection within the design community because these are the ways we interact with each other to create that "sense of connection."

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  1. I like the way you express tha fact that as peers we do influence each other and with constructive criticism we improve our designs for the better. Communication and hard work are really going to help us out.